“The product is absolutely awesome and I love it”

Adam Achs, North Vancouver

“As for the product itself, I have been very satisfied thus far, and will happily answer the questions provided. I specifically use the AUTOLift3000 to lift up cars that I am working on. I both use this when working on my own vehicle (the white 1991 BMW 318i from the photos), my parent’s vehicles, and when working as an unofficial on-campus mechanic for the students at Quest University (where I am currently studying).

I love the fact that it is quite portable for a full car lift, meaning that I can transport it between home and the garage I park at university with relative ease. It is also a fast and efficient way of lifting a car pretty high with minimal effort, which makes height adjustments really nice and simple. In the past few months it has met or exceeded my expectations every step of the way, and I have used it on a variety of vehicles already. I would, and have in fact recommended the AUTOLift3000 to anyone who asks, as I believe it is a tremendous product for those wanting a full car lift, but who can’t afford either the space or money to get one.

There are are only three recommendations/complaints I can make about the AUTOLift3000. Firstly, it would be really nice if there was a way to lock the rubber pads to keep the car level once it was lifted. The way I envision this working is by having a locking mechanism for the pads that one could use once the lift is already up (as it wouldn’t remain level if you locked it before lifting up the vehicle). One would first lift the car so that it’s centre of mass was directly over the lift (so that it was easy to flip from front wheels on the ground to rear wheels on the ground), before holding the car level, and applying some sort of lock to the pads that would hold them in place. I understand that this would be quite difficult to design and to implement, but it would make the product even more amazing! Secondly, I would recommend making the product lighter. Since the main advantage of this car lift is portability, it would be beneficial for it to be a bit lighter, especially for potential customers that might be of a smaller/lighter build, and not too strong themselves. Maybe having two versions available might be something to consider in the future, where one is built from more lightweight alloy materials (or something of the sort).

The product is absolutely awesome and I love it! By far one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my garage!”

I’ve been loving this lift – one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Christopher Lester, Calgary

Worked fantastic to change mine and daughters winter tires to summer.

Tony Capizzi, Winnipeg